Visiting musea

In the context of a new study we are looking for:

- men and women
- between 18 and 65 years old
- who occasionally or frequently visit musea
- and who want to participate in a videochat on this topic

The videoconference lasting about 2 hours will take place mid-March (the exact timing is yet to be determined) and will be conducted in English.

As a token of appreciation for your input you will receive 50 euros!

Interested in participating?
Let us know and mention in your answer: 

- your age
- your family status
- your occupation
- when you last visited the musea mentioned here: last year / last 2 years / longer than 2 years ago / I haven't yet visited, but I am planning to /  I haven't yet visited and I am not interested

* Museum of Natural History (Brussels)
* Museum of Art & History (Brussels)
* House of European History (Brussel)
* BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts (Brussels)
* Old Masters Museum (Brussels)

We hope to hear from you!

Katrien, Charlotte and Nathan
0496 27 71 46
0471 17 84 34
0476 90 21 73

Visiting musea