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your opinion matters.

Almost every day, companies organise market research to align their products better with you, the consumer.
They therefore want to check why you do or do not buy a specific product, or why you will choose the lowest price for certain products, whereas another product might cost a bit more.
Our research projects cover various topics, such as coffee, biscuits, cars, desserts, financial institutions, beer or wine, … You name it!

You sometimes get to see a commercial in preview and all you have to do is give your honest opinion about it, but it is also possible that you get to take a new product home to try, test and assess it. Now, how great is that?

Based on your feedback, a company or manufacturer can adapt their product or service to ensure that it connects better with the needs and demands of you as a consumer.
And that is why your opinion matters!


your opinion is worth something.

And because your opinion matters, it is also worth something.

During a research, which usually takes place as a group discussion with 6 to 8 participants or as an individual interview, or sometimes completely online, you are only asked to give your opinion.
Nobody will ever try to sell you something. 


To thank you for your opinion, you will always receive an appropriate financial compensation.

We will receive you in a homely setting and on top of that, we will provide something to eat and drink to make it even more pleasant for you.

Right! Had we mentioned already that we are located at 't Eilandje, a great neighbourhood to hang out?


everyone is welcome.

We are always looking for enthusiastic participants!

It is therefore important that we constantly expand our panel with new, motivated respondents.
Are you single, living together, with a family or a single parent, university degree or not, big, skinny, or somewhere in the middle…? Your opinion matters!

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We are active throughout Flanders and in the Dutch-speaking part of Brussels, and we have our locations in Antwerp and Brussels.

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