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Our location in Antwerp has 2 discussion venues, ‘Antwerpen’ and ‘New York’, a reference to the rich history of the neighbourhood. Between 1873 and 1934, more than two million emigrants left from the dock in front of our premises for America, on their way to a new world.

Both venues are suitable for group discussions, workshops or meetings up to 12 people.
Thanks to the cosy decoration and ambience, it is also possible to organise individual interviews here.
Both venues are equipped with a large flat screen TV; a DVD/Blu-ray player, flip overs, the usual office stationary, an ample offer of magazines and wireless internet connection.

In the adjacent observation rooms, up to 8 people can attend the discussion, either seated at the table behind the one-way mirror or via a flat screen TV, seated in a comfy chair.

All discussions are recorded digitally with state-of-the-art cameras and sensitive microphones; after the discussions, they can be downloaded by logging into our secure server with your personal user data. It is obviously also possible to record the discussions on DVD.  

To serve foreign clients even better, we dispose of our own streaming system, with which discussions can be followed from a distance.
Foreign clients can also attend on the spot through an interpreter system,  present in the observation room.  

need meeting venues?

Our entrance hall and venues are highly suitable for gatherings with various objectives such as market research, both qualitative and quantitative, workshops, meetings, training sessions or receptions...
A professional team awaits you to facilitate your meeting or research.
We can also ensure lunch and/or dinner.

Ask us about all the possibilities at contactus@factsandfeelings.be